Currawong Ski Lodge welcomes members and guests. Members have purchased a membership in Currawong Ski Lodge and enjoy accommodation at a discounted rate. With 65 memberships and 24 beds in the lodge, Currawong boasts one of the best member to bed ratios in Thredbo. Shares do come on the market from time to time and we are always happy to advise you on the current situation in this regard. 
Sale of Shares
Members must obtain approval from the Board of Directors prior to transferring a share in the Lodge to another party. 
If you are keen to pursue a membership at Currawong Ski Lodge, please contact the lodge.
Cost of Membership
The sale price of the transfer of an existing membership is to be agreed between the seller and purchaser. In addition, a transfer fee is payable to the Lodge by the seller. Prospective purchasers are welcome to consult the lodge managers to gain some idea of the frequency and value of recent sales.